04 July 2011


SEND-AI. A simple play on words by Blaise Plant of MONKEY MAJIK which represents the band's charity live event in Osaka yesterday, where they performed along side other Sendai-based artists to 'send love' and raise awareness for what Japan has been going through over the last few months. Their performance follows on from their appearance at MTV's VMAJ just last week and it was actually the world's second most watched event live on Ustream. I was one of them having woken up at half six on Sunday morning here in London and what a fantastic show it was.

Guest artists included Gagle, SOUL ADDICTION and Rake, local Japanese artists making hip hop, jazz fusion and acoustic songs respectively. MONKEY MAJIK played a set in front of a crowd of 3000 which was full of emotion, fun and a sense of unity. It was beautiful to watch as they played tune after tune of pure goodness.

Though the show will be broadcast on MTV Japan in August, I've not found any videos put up already for us who won't be able watch that but I'll have a scout and update the MONKEY MAJIK page accordingly. They say this was only the first of the band's support for the cause through their music so I eagerly await what's to come next.

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