23 February 2012


Tipped for breakthrough in 2012, London-based band Dry The River have a debut album lined up for release next month. The band originates from Norwegian-born frontman Peter Liddle and his successful summer tour in 2009, afterwhich the band officially formed and went on to play at Glastonbury, iTunes Festival and South by South West.

Anyway, it always comes back to the music right, and I say Dry The River are pretty cool. What makes their sound so interesting is that it's folk acoustica, influenced by their punk rock emo backgrounds. The quintet even includes a violinist, but lyrically it's so much more than the average folk, speaking volumes in emotions and fragility. It's a really wholesome sound, enhanced by their persistence to work mainly in analogue and choosing to record on tape. And the result is great, certainly very original with a lot for the listener to take out in terms of feeling and power. Dry The River currently have a couple of EPs out, with the next one on its way on February 26th, to be followed by the highly anticipated debut album "Shallow Bed" on March 5th. I'm rather excited.


  1. Definitely can't wait to hear Shallow Bed in April! I found an interactive video with samples of all the songs off it, and I have to say it's a super cool concept. It's posted up on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7ZLl00nW60&feature=youtu.be

    1. Oh yeah I saw this! Did you also hear about their promotion campaign in East London where they had several posters with embedded audio samples via paper cups?! For real. The album was released today here in the UK and it is very good.