02 February 2011


It's finally here! The longly anticipated 6th original album from the one and only MONKEY MAJIK. The release date was actually put back about two months for a last-minute tie up, but never mind because the wait is over and it's here, it's great, it's stunning.

I was super excited for the release of "westview" in particular for several reasons. It's a pretty special album because the tracks are mostly written specifically for the album. As in out of the 14 beautiful tracks recorded, only one was previously released as a single. So basically it's packed with brand new material - ecstatic as a fan. It's also worth mentioning their 2005 album "eastview", which took the concept of viewing Japan from the East, presumably their home country of Canada. This time, they travelled to Greece and England to record and master the tracks, and took the theme of a view from the West. Nice. Aside from the trivia though, since "eastview", their music has become more popular and mainstream, evolving from an indie taste to a more gentle yet upbeat pop. This new album has essences of a rewind and a lot of the songs remind me of their roots. The lyrics are full of beauty too and it's genuinely a fantastic album.

I just adore the sound and it's an amazing listen. I've got my copy already, currently on my fourth loop as I'm writing. I really really urge you to check this one out. (If you are somehow still unaware of who these guys are, hit the MONKEY MAJIK tab up top!)

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