20 March 2012


The official video for Lana Del Rey's new single "Blue Jeans", the third from her hit debut album, was unveiled today (though it was leaked yesterday as they do). Resembling the low-budget style of the "Video Games" clip, the new video uses black and white pre-shot footage, cut to portray a rather sultry, dark presentation of her story, in which she encounters an alligator apparently portraying an ex. More importantly, she looks super beautiful. It seems that she has turned a few critics to fans since that SNL performance a couple of months back, with more and more praise offered for her conserved sexy style. I think she's a great artist as I've said before, her vocals have a really unique engaging something that I can't get enough of. Her album "Born To Die" has been doing remarkably well too worldwide, and only last week it was sampled against Notorious BIG's "Ready To Die" by Terry Urban and DOPE, which was indeed dope, despite it being quite a surprising choice of mashup. That mixtape is up for free download so check it out.

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