18 August 2011


What with a hectic last couple of weeks, I totally missed the release of what's supposed to be the biggest and baddest musical collaboration of recent times, an album that's been hotly anticipated for months. Hip Hop giants Jay-Z and Kanye West have finally released their collab album "Watch The Throne", after several teaser tracks and video clips dropped earlier. I've not yet had a chance to listen to it, but what's the general consensus? Is it so super epic that no other music just cuts it anymore, or is it a bit of an anticlimax to what has been an event that has been overhyped? I think I'll have an answer to that in the next couple of days. If you've not checked it out either, you can download it exclusively from the iTunes Stores now, another deal by the way which I think will do Apple wonders.

Also, that's some dramatic artwork too. Certainly embodies the 'throne' message of kings and success and authority that these two artists have built for themselves. Mastered by Givenchy's creative director Riccardo Tisci, it's really quite something. The full piece also includes a floral artwork and 'beast' graphics for the two megastars - also worth a look.

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