26 July 2011


Minimalistic Japanese designer brand Uniform Experiment have teamed up with Lasonic, experts in all things audio, to bring this ultra cool boombox for the much-forgotten iPod. With the ever-rising popularity of iPhones and iPads, Apple's original MP3 player is probably fading on its way out now, but I'm an iPod Classic owner and I still love the click wheel and the simplicity of how it works. I even occasionally find myself playing Vortex every so often.

Anyways, this media player, set for a Fall 2011 launch, takes a chunky retro boombox appearance, and I genuinely don't think there's anything cooler in the world than an original big ass boombox. Of course though, this one is ready and prepared for today's technology, allowing for iPod connectivity so any tune we own can come blasting out on demand. I've not seen in it action but if those speakers were to bounce and tremble massively to the beat of the music, that would be so awesome.

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