06 June 2011


The keynote at WWDC 2011 - one hour of heavenly music to Mac-users' ears. Pretty much everything that's been missing and what we've been wanting has just arrived. I'm not gonna go into the details, you can find a techie site for the full shit, but essentially three major systems are to be revamped: the new OS X, the new iOS and the new cloud concept.

OS X Lion was already being previewed and its core features had previously been released. Looks amazing. iOS 5 for the mobile devices is quite a big update too, more so than I had expected. All new notifications, new-look applications like Mail and iMessaging which pretty much shits on BlackBerry. Finally. And lastly, the iCloud essentially acts as a syncing machine, storage and back up space. It's free too, brilliant.

Though most ideas aren't anything new, with people arguing it's just catching up with Android and whatever, I'm afraid Apple's version is better in every possible way. It therefore hasn't only 'caught up' but has also overtaken it. And lapped it. Twice.

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