28 February 2011


And here is the 3rd and final Drop from Victate's Autumn/Winter Collection. Three elegant pieces. You wouldn't believe the work and effort put in by Edward Li, the brains of the brand, and he must be delighted that it's finally landed. And I have to say, it's brilliant. The King of Hearts tee completes the little set of playing card designs, accompanied also by two quality sweats, each kept simple and true with the added finish of their (what's starting to become) iconic elbow patches. The video lookbook below shows it all off.

It's another fine collection, which wraps up the wintery season, at least for this year anyway. Onto Spring '11 and I hear they have some wonderful ideas blossoming in their ever-creative minds. To the guys at Victate, I wish you all the best. And to the guys reading my words, go buy some new wear. I've been told all stock is now 25% off. Go!

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